This diet is really made for wine lovers that refuse to give up wine while loosing weight. Eggs are the easiest way to keep a low energy intake while getting a high protein intake. It is no nonsense 2 weeks of dieting. It is super low calories and high protein which has been proved over and over again to work and most diets today use this formula. We have everything in high protein, low carb, fibre, vitamins, water, snacks except of course everything is a lot less but it makes you full and happy with the wine and believe us it is perfectly possible to loose weight with wine.



Are you a bit lazy, stressed or busy ? Make one shopping trip everything. It is very cheap to do unless you drink expensive wine and preparation is an absolute minimum and with this super simple schedule you do not have to think at all. Stuff yourself with water and coffee during the day to avoid snacking. We strongly recommend a Nespresso machine for easy great coffee making.

It is perfectly possible to loose weight and have wine in limited amounts as it is a carbohydrate and alcohol is a sugar. We recommend red wine because of the resveratrol which has certain benefits such as fighting free radicals and it also makes you sleepy at night time. Wine only have 600 calories per bottle. So compare that to a normal blt sandwich that has about the same. What would you rather have. The sandwich or a whole bottle of wine ?


The first 2 days are the hardest while you adjust to lower calories and start using stored fat for fuel. You have probably heard about ketosis but it is not important how it work just how to do it. It is not easy to overcome but this is where you decide if you want to loose weight or want to continue to be fat. Just write yourself out of the social calendar. You cannot go to dinners and lunches on this diet it is an unnecessary temptation you do not need. Just say no to anything except next Saturday on your snack day provided you start on a Sunday. IT IS ALL ABOUT BREAKING OLD HABITS. JUST GET USED TO BE STUBBORN.


Start Sundays. Start your diet on a Sunday morning shop for everything Saturday so it is ready to go when you wake up. It is easier to avoid the weekend and then you can have your snack day on next Saturday.

Eat quickly. Just cut the eggs them in half and add pepper and eat, then drink the 1/2 litre of water quickly also. This will make you feel full. Then have a coffee afterwards. Usually it takes a while to feel full but eggs make you feel full at once this way. Eat them all at once and try and eat dinner later so you do not wake up hungry. The first few days are hardest while your body gets adjusted to burn fat instead of glycogen.

No exercise first week. At least the first week it will just increase your appetite. Diet is 90% and exercise is 10%, when you are loosing weight and you need to get into a new routine which is the hardest. Gym in the short term it will not help you to loose weight more likely you will quit. Exercise in week 2 again when you are getting carbohydrates again. A good idea is to plan for exercise the day after your snack day where you are loaded with sugar. If you are obese then it can be dangerous to start with hardcore cardio straight away. Start walking for 1-2 hours anywhere or use a treadmill and walk slowly for a few weeks and slowly work yourself up to longer endurance.

Soda and juice. The diet is only as you see. Do not consume anything else. Do not use salt also. Things like orange juice and any kind of soda like Diet Coke is not part of healthy living in any circumstance. Everyone knows sodas are bad but orange juice is the worst bandit as most people think it is healthy when it fact it is pure fructose and harms your pancreas and insulin production. Stay away from orange juice and most fruit juices permanently. Have vegetable juice instead. Like carrot juice. If you drink anything with fructose there is really no point of doing a diet. The chemical Aspartame in all the diet products is another long story and you should stay away from any sweetener from now on even in coffee.

Wine. Drinking wine at night can give you headaches, so make sure you drink plenty of water with the wine. Try 1L of water with the half a bottle of wine. But as this diet is for people that refuse to give up wine you will have to accept a few headaches while the body cleans out or take a Paracetamol.

Dehydration. In the beginning you might think you are loosing a lot of weight but in reality when you eat a protein diet and low carbs combined with wine, coffee and lack of salt you keep loosing water. You must keep drinking water if you get headaches and keep going to the toilet. Magnesium Citrate we need to best use and absorb nutrients. Without it you cannot use what you eat every day. It helps stop cravings and cleans out the colon and get rid of excess water retention.

Meat. There is no meat in this diet so even vegetarians can try it. To get results we need to keep the calories down as accurately as we can. There is no real way for you can determine how many calories and fat there are in any kind of meat, too much red meat in any case are linked to bowel cancer and should be kept to a minimum. Eggs are much easier to deal with as the calories only swing a small percentage depending on the size which is why we use medium sized eggs and not large ones. It is also a lot less hassle to make some hard-boiled eggs and avoids oil in frying and mess everywhere. Just accept that you cut out these 2 weeks of the calendar and make the diet as simple and hassle free as possible. Before you start and doubt the method. Try and hard boil 4 eggs and eat with water and see how full you feel from them and for how long and you will understand better the idea before you start the diet.

Sleeping. It can be hard to sleep with such a dramatic lower intake of calories. Do not drink coffee after 7-8pm. If you find yourself not being able to sleep then you might consider a sleeping aid like these. Of course it is not great to take any form of medication but being overweight or obese is much worse in the long run. Coffee on empty stomach can also give you headaches so try and balance coffee and water without getting a headache and being able to sleep.

Emergency hunger. If you get super hungry and cannot take it. Eat 1 or 2 extra raisin packs first then have water and a coffee. They will last 1-2 hours until the next meal. The raisin packs are less than 50 calories each so 2 will only give you an extra 100 calories for the day.

Weight yourself. Every morning and every night. Do not worry about one reading, it is the end result that matters. We recommend a wifi scale

Adjustments for weight. If you are less than 160 lbs / 75 kg then deduct 1 egg per meal. If you are over 220 lbs / 100 kg then add 1 egg per meal.

Smoking. If you have not already given up smoking then you must be kidding. If you a smoker and also claim to try and eat healthy then you have misunderstood everything. There is really no point of trying to eat healthy while being a smoker. If you are both overweight or obese and also a smoker there is a mountain of problems that you encounter. It is the 2 worst combinations. You should expect to live 10-20 years less than the average. Just give it up. Click here for more information how to.

Medical advice. You should ask a doctor about starting any diet. If you are hugely obese this diet is a shock to your system. You might want to try another diet first. This diet is better for people that want to loose 10 lbs / 5 kg quickly with a total change of diet for 2 weeks. Check the scoreboard page for more information about the maximum fat you can loose with your current weight.

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