Day 14

DAY 14


Time now to look at your new weight. If you followed the diet 90% or more you will have lost fat. Anyone would !. You now need to find out your new level of calories you can take in without gaining weight again. Try and count a few normal days if you go back to eating bad foods again and see if you are under the average you can see on the Day 7 page. In any case whatever you do you will have to eat less now as now you are a smaller person and smaller people need less food than bigger people. Simple logic. So the large pizza (we recommend will have to be the medium pizza. The medium pizza will have to be the small pizza in the future. When you go to restaurants everyone gets the same portions which makes sense for the restaurant but it does not make sense for a small person that does not need as much as a bigger person. Get used to order 2 starters when you go out is a good idea.

Changing habit are hard and really gym is very short term for most people so the easiest is to take the energy consumption down in the future. Hope you see this and understand the very simple concept.

We recommend the Michel Montignac method if you need a more sustainable method long term but the easiest is still to


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